Monday, June 7, 2010

In case I go mute

Saturday=Best. Time. Ever.  Seriously.  I don't know what about a pitcher of sangria and friends that makes the day so satisfactory.  I would say that I'm easy to please, but my husband would have a different story (particulary since we're drowning in the house-building process) so there has to be another reason.

Anyway, one of the topics that came up was the various blogs a few of us write.  And it does occur to me that my blog rarely includes anything funny...or a lot of things I do on a daily basis...or a good majority of my personality.  I asked myself, "Why is this, Crystal?  Why would your blog not be a an adequate reflection of yourself?"

Alas, I have no answers for you...only speculations.  My speculations are as follows:

1.  I am hilarious.  Seriously.  Funniest person you've ever met (and if you don't agree, shut up).  Some people would say that I'm a riot even when I'm not trying to be--might have something to do with the lack of graceful and an inability not to comment on the stupid things I've done thereby making them more embarrassing.  ANYWAY...I'm so much funnier when I have people to play off of.  So maybe I should say that I'm funny in person, but in the blogosphere, not so much.  Maybe I could be?  But since so much emotion doesn't transfer on here, I'm going to either have to get a lot better about taking pictures or I'm going to have to tell you people to suck it up and appreciate what you get when you get it.  Haha.

2.  When it comes to blogging, I tend to only write about the things that I don't talk about a lot.  I do talk about books, but I don't get into a lot of detail regarding what I liked/hated, etc.  And I don't really talk about school politics or frustrations that revolve around work (and I generally don't blog about select students).  So when it comes to sharing my thoughts about that stuff, it's really a lot easier to work through my thoughts in writing as opposed to shouting at someone who really doesn't deserve it.

3.  I have an affinity for all things well-written, and if I can't get it down the way I want it, I erase the entire thing.  Hence, many a blog has never come to fruition.

But, in case I go mute, I'll always have this place to share exactly how funny I am...and all the things I cannot say. 

In the future, prepare yourself for the exploits of two clueless people who are trying to build a house without killing each other (or others) in the process.  It's not looking promising.

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