Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It's a hole--in the ground and in his leg.

Yesterday was my first experience including several pictures into one blog.  So you all are going to have to stick with me as I get better at this process.

Today, I thought we'd take a brief look at the big hole everyone continues to refer to as a basement.  I refuse to call it such.  A basement is a room or series of rooms sitting underneath A HOUSE...and until I have one of those on top of mine, we shall refer to it as big hole.

Ok...so let's get started, shall we?

If you were staring at what would be my house, this is what you would see currently.  To your left, we have big hole.  To your right, we have solid land that will hold a garage.

To your right, you will see the complete hole.  Hubby keeps telling me how enormous it is.  According to a a survey I took during mentoring courses for teaching, I am not a spatial person.  Which makes total sense when you consider that I can stand over the top of this hole and tell him that it doesn't look very big to me.  And it doesn't, honestly.  But I keep hearing how big this house is, so I guess I'll trust the expertise of someone else.

This is the trackhoe that is sitting beside what will be my garage.  Hubby has also thoroughly searched this piece of equipment for keys, but to no avail.  I'm pretty positive he would give up our house and everything we have to own it and destroy pretty well any piece of property we own, along with his parent's property, his brother's property, the hippie neighbor's property, his uncles property, etc.  You get the picture.  I see enormous holes all over the farm.  Anyone else?  And I'm pretty positive that we don't have gold or anything in them there hills...  Quick thinking of the dirt work guy to take the keys to this one, too.

Yesterday, Hubby worked all day tying tomatoes.  Have I mentioned we have a small tomato farm?  We are currently sitting at 6,000 plants with a few peppers (about 4,000) here and there.  We run commercial vegetables to local stands and grocery stores.  And by we, I mean that someone does it.  Typically, my involvement is limited to occasional packing.  In my defense, however, my MIL told me when I got married that girls only pack.  So here we are.

Anyway, Hubby was hot and tired so we decided swimming sounded really great.  We went to my parents' pool, and it was freezing.  As a former swimmer, I've sworn I will no longer get into water under 92 degrees because I don't have to (it's similiar to that never running a mile thing...but that's for another day).  So we ended up just hanging out in the hot tub and talking to my dad. 

We left, and decided to grab some food in C-dale, but Hubby only wore his shorts and a shirt and we didn't want to go all the way home for him to change.  So he went to Applebees in his sexy orange swim trunks.  And if you think I missed a picture of that, you don't know me at all!

Now that's a sexy man, no?  In the picture, it probably doesn't look horrible, but it was hard to get a great picture in full light.  Please note the weird blue shirt he's wearing.  I'm not really sure where that came from, and I think he chose it just because we were going swimming and no one else would see it.  Well, joke's on him.  Maybe next time he'll make better clothing choices.  Actually, I'm pretty sure I make all of his clothing choices...but rest assured, I didn't buy that thing.  I promise.

We continued our trip by looking for tamari which I have needed for several new recipes I'm trying.  This new diet thing has been really difficult for me, but I've really been trying to pay attention to how I feel, and I've noticed that I really do feel so much better than I had in the past.  And my cravings for bad stuff are really down to a minimum.  I can already tell you that I won't be able to stick to it on special occasions, but I think I can probably maintain some sense of dedication to it throughout the week and on most weekends. 

Wow...that was a tangent.  Tamari isn't sold at regular grocery stores so we ended up at International Grocery to get what we needed.  While at a new grocery store, we always look for cheese variations to take to Hubby's Nanny who LOVES cheese.  In the process, we found this:

It was amazing.  It's a sharp, white cheddar that has been flavored with port wine and brandy so it's bright pink (Appreciate, Morgan.  I actually bought it because it was pink!)  At any rate, it was wonderful.  I really enjoyed it.  Hubby also purchased some sheep cheese which he and Nanny ate this morning.  It smelled strong, so I decided to pass.

This morning we had to head to the doctor to have Hubby's leg checked out.  Seems he was bitten by a brown recluse and the spot on his leg has gotten infected.  It also has that tell-tale black core that makes the whole thing look decidedly less yummy (if you can consider legs yummy).  The doctor said there was no need to consider amputation which I thought was good, because he's roughing in plumbing this week--one foot or two.  Thought you might enjoy a picture of his leg:

Ignore that shadow on the bottom.  That has nothing to do with the spider bite.

We ended our night last night with a trip to Barnes and Noble and the funniest book I've ever read to date.  You can check out parts of it at a website that I will be glad to give out to individuals who ask (because the site has a lot of vulgar words and I don't want to insult anyone). 

This evening I'm going SugarBean's t-ball game and I'm sure that's going to be loads of fun for everyone.  I understand she's a pretty good hitter, but loses interest in the field.  I'm looking forward to watching her hunt rabbits instead of baseballs.

May your day be spider bite free!



Annah said...

Ouch! That leg looks PAINFULlllllllllll

CrysHouse said...

The good news is that it's healing now. I guess a combination of chlorine and medicine have stopped the infection. And it looks A LOT better. I'll try to get pictures up of the healing process some time this week.