Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Surprise! We're here!

I can't get too many pictures of what is going on today at the house site because I am seriously afraid that some of those trucks would run over me if I got in their way.  They are large and they are carrying quite a bit of equipment.  I wouldn't stand a chance.

None-the-less, I have managed to get a few pictures for your viewing pleasure.

First of all, I don't think I've shared what a beautiful area I live in.  I haven't given you too many pictures of what surrounds us out here, but this is part of my drive home from C-dale.  I went to a Zumba class with my friend, Morgan, yesterday (Am I feeling it today, you ask?  Ha.  Understatement of the moment!) and decided to take a few pictures of what I see on my way there and home.

In the fall, the area is even prettier because all of the leaves change.  All in all, it's just a beautiful drive.

It's really nothing to see several different types of wildlife as you drive, either.  We see turkeys, deer, the occasional skunk, etc.  A couple of times, Hubby and I have seen mamas leading their babies across the road.  And while they smell horrible, baby skunks are about the cutest thing in the animal kingdom.  Baby turkeys?  Not so much.

You can also see that there isn't much that surrounds us.  It's true.  We have few neighbors, and traffic is slim unless it's a weekend.  On the weekends, people travel the Wine Trail, and I'm just a stop along the way (well, I would be if people wanted to stop...but since I don't know many of them, we're good).

Yesterday, a ton of equipment started to show up at the house.  There was this thing (some sort of conveyor belt?).  Hubby wasn't much excited about it and didn't try to find a way to use it, mostly because he doesn't know what it's for.  I guess I should be thankful that some pieces of equipment fall into this category.  Otherwise, we would have a farm covered with large pieces of machinery that would only serve to ruin said beautiful piece of property.

A bunch of these showed up in the yard.  They're for the basement walls, and I'm pretty sure my dad will be over tomorrow to ensure that they tie the rods correctly.  He is a former iron worker and has something about how carpenters aren't as interested in this part of the job than iron workers are. 

Frankly, if he wants to be involved, I say more power to him.  I don't really know much about this part of the house-building process so I walk around like a big moron the majority of the time.  And had I my camera at home depot last night, I would've proven it to you.

This morning, this guy showed up.  I have no idea what all is on that trailer, but it looks important and it's parked directly in my front yard.  But BECAUSE it was parked in my front yard, the next guy had some navagation difficulties.

He showed up on a huge tractor trailer and freaked the dogs out to no end.  Barky thought we were being attacked by some alien life form and felt the need to warn me for the entire hour the guy was out there.  I tried to explain that unless the Transformers franchise is based on a true story, we were safe, but he felt it was his canine duty to keep me safe at all costs.

Later today (like, when everyone has left), I have every intention of getting some more pictures so you can see the actual progress at the actual house site.  The basement people have informed us that they will be pouring walls tomorrow which means that all the concrete work will be complete by early next week.  Then, on to the fun stuff.

As soon as I have the chance to get more pictures, I have every intention of showing you what I've been looking at for the inside of the house (because all things pretty is my department).  Stay tuned...and pray for our sanity.

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