Thursday, June 24, 2010

Progress in the form of walls

Hubby has been way too cool these days.  He "found" his sunglasses (he forgot he had any) and has been using them to up his gangsta ante when we drive around town.

In his defense, it's been really hot in these parts.  I can't blame him for wanting to do something--anything--to keep the sun at bay.

We've been making quite a bit of progress on the house, but Hubby's been torn in more than one direction.  Not only does he have house stuff to care for, he has farm stuff that requires his his regular job.  Pray for him.  I get worried that he takes on too much.

I have a few things you need to see before I get you to official "updated" status.  First of all, they poured the footers for the basement last week.  I got a few pictures, but all of them were in the dark so I figured you could do with one.  Those are rods sticking out of the concrete. 

At this point, Hubby started asking me if the house was looking bigger to me now.  He was increasingly frustrated to hear that my answer was still no.

Not long after the footers were poured, those ambitious concrete guys (I LOVE THEM!) started putting up the forms for the walls.  What you're looking at here is the inside of the basement.  It has outside forms and they were tying horizontal rods at this point.

I wish I had pictures to show you the number of concrete trucks that came through to pour the walls, but I'm at a loss.  I can tell you that my little barker consistently warned me that someone was outside.  Good thing they weren't trying to rob us, because I'm pretty sure one concrete truck could demolish this trailer.

Hubby was so excited about the forms for walls, that he decided to climb on top of the dirt mountain that is our front yard and discuss the view.  I'm not sure how much you can really see in this picture, but he is really right--the view is going to be gorgeous.  Keep in mind, however, that I live in a really beautiful part of the country.    Every season brings an entirely new array of colors.  I don't think we will lack for scenery from our front porch.

On another note, look at my man.  Isn't he really impressive?  If you don't think so, it's because you're not looking at that picture closely enough.  He's a magnificent display of health and vitality.  Makes me jealous.

Which brings us to today.  This is the first official look at my complete basement walls.  To the left, there is a gravel pile, and what you can't see is the beginning to the garage.

This weekend, Hubby and a variety of help will be digging in the plumbing and getting that stuff situated so the next group of concrete guys can come in and pour a floor.  After that, we welcome the carpenters and an actual look at the house.

I'm excited, but apprehensive.  Looking at a plan on paper is a different animal than seeing it live and close up.  Again, Chris keeps telling me how big this space is.  Again, my spatial problem keeps me from seeing it.  I know we won't be disappointed, but I'm a little stunted at this point, I guess.

One more picture at the bottom of the whole she-bang (which is a little difficult to get a picture of considering it's all in the ground), then stay tuned.  More updates to come.

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