Monday, August 30, 2010

Another Bucket

I'm making an honest attempt to find a bit of "me" time in every day.  It's difficult because I really enjoy teaching and I would immerse myself in lesson planning and grading...and my personality would probably suffer as a result (and it's a little sad as it is).  I'm also attempting to keep "me" time from including the thousand gripes living inside my head.  Why concession stands draw concern from a community when unrealistic test score expectations do not I will never understand.

And before I get caught in that tangent, I'd like to join the Bucket List brigade and contribute my thoughts.

I'm going to start with 25, just like Sarah did, and some of these things are very close to being realized :) 

Before I kick the bucket, I'd like to...

1.  live in a house with a red front door.  December 2010

2.  visit Paris, Spain, Greece and Mexico.

3.  start my Master's degree (Aug. 2011)

4.  have kids.

5.  write a book.

6.  get my brother to read The Kite Runner.  (Feb. 2012)

7.  live debt-free.

8.  take Salsa lessons with Chris.

9.  figure out how to avoid alienating people.  (May 2011--living in freedom to Christ alone)

10.  be a part of a real mystery theatre.

11.  participate in a read-aloud events for children.

12.  host a movie-marathon night where we project films on a sheet on the back of my house.

13.  own an outdoor kitchen.

14.  learn to play the guitar well.

15.  write a hit song.

16.  read Orthodoxy and finish The Everlasting Man.

17.  buy a paddle boat.

18.  own the perfect couch.  (February 2011)

19.  cook a gourmet meal--preferably a French one.

20.  weigh what my license says I weigh.

21.  encourage at least one person in their relationship with Christ. (Let's be realistic.  I'd like to do this on a regular basis, but I'm going to consider Women's Bible Study meeting the criteria--3/2011)

22.  finally figure out that Proverbs 31 Woman thing.

23.  own a really stunning pair of pink (or yellow!), snakeskin, high heels.

24.  have the ability to run an entire mile without stopping.

25.  meet my grandchildren.


Sarah Wellmeier Photography said...

Good one!!! Can I please come to the french gourmet meal...I'll bring dessert:)

Also I must take your pictures when you get those heels....they sound fabulous;)

CrysHouse said...

Sarah, when I decide that France is going to visit my kitchen, I will call you first.

And if I ever find those heels again, I will also dial your number. There's a pair at The Buckle that are very close...and might make it into my closet.

Sheena said...

Ronnie says you're going to die with #6 unfulfilled.