Saturday, August 14, 2010

Books, Coffee and the People Who Sell Them

Because of you, we learned to love lattes, fraps and espresso (if they are made by someone who knows what they are doing).  We developed a love for scones and time perusing shelves and shelves of awesome reading material.

We discussed authors and specific works, and the fact that some of us may never warm to the idea of the Nook.  We knocked on doors to eat in the break room, learned that you can find the strangest things in a bathroom, and not all B&N customers are dignified.

It's been a good ten years, Big Bro.  But now you're moving on.

Yep, last night was Big Bro's last night with Barnes and Noble.  He recently graduated with an engineering degree and will be starting his Master's work in the fall. 

Well done, Big Bro.  Well done.

Since it was his last night, we, of course, had to visit him. 

Mom ordered a frappacino.  An interesting conversation followed.

Mom:  It's hard to find good help these days.  I had to ask them to add whip cream and he didn't put carmel on the top like they usually do.  He had already put the lid on, so he had to squirt whip cream in through the little hole on the top...and then I didn't want to ask for carmel.  I thought it would upset him.

Big Bro:  You ordered it with nonfat milk.

Mom:  So?

Big Bro:  So they assume you want a nonfat drink.  They aren't going to add whip cream if you order it with nonfat milk.

Mom:  Yeah, but I got nonfat milk so I could have the whip cream and carmel.  It's a fat exchange.

Big Bro:  *rolls eyes*

I guess you could say we gave him a fine farewell.

And since I'm fond of sharing my purchases:

It's not a designer handbag, but it's metallic-y goodness.  And I love it.

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