Thursday, August 12, 2010

If you give a kid a cookie

If you give a kid a cookie,
He'll probably want another.  And another.  And another. 
Until he's suckered several people out of several cookies.
At least six.
But he'll be excited about your offering.

If you give a church a vision,
it might just want to meet the needs of the community
so that the community may know
the Love of Christ through sacrifice.

If you give a man some time off
He'll eat pasta.
He'll hang out with his wife.
(Obviously, right?)
He'll want more food.
Great food.
Amazing food.
And his wife will want to buy him gifts.
Mostly because she'll remember what is awaiting
his attention when they return:

But don't let all of that
distract you from the kid
who really wants a cookie.


ktjane said...

Please, oh, please tell me that you bought that shirt for your husband! That's hilarious!

CrysHouse said...

Sadly, that shirt was $56, or I would've.