Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lessons This Week

Things I've learned this week (or made myself more aware far):

1.  Red doors are awesome.

2.  Having husbands home when you get off of work is super awesome.

3.  The local fair gives you the opportunity to reconnect with people you've missed; however, it also gives you the unwanted opportunity to reconnect with people you've successfully avoided for the last year.

4.  When asking students their ages in order to make a point about behavior, realize that it's possible those ages fall between 14 and 17.  Then, all of a sudden, the actions seem completely appropriate somehow.

5.  The actions of a 14-17 year old, while unsavory from time to time, turn into a spectacle when perpetrated by someone over the age of 22.

6.  Owning a license to teach English does not make you the world's leading expert on the process that surrounds the research paper.

7.  There are students in the world who will be as annoying as possible in class, and then, when given the opportunity to be completely annoying for a class sanctioned activity, refuse to commit any annoying behavior.

8.  People will sometimes surprise you.  And that's often enjoyable.

9.  First hour prep is definitely preferable to 5th hour prep--long lunch or not.

10.  High school is much better when you are no longer a teenager.

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