Tuesday, January 25, 2011

2nd Post: Inspiration

So I'll be heading to bed in about 30 minutes.  Walking pnemonia makes me exhausted.

But before I left, I thought I'd share some things I'm really looking forward to trying.  First of all, I'm looking forward to going to a thrift store and picking up some old brass looking lamp to paint for my kitchen/living room area (or maybe I can jack one of the ones my mom used to have?).  I know I want a yellow lamp to go in the corner of this room of my house, but everything I've found online is about $200.  I'm not spending that for a lamp when I can pay nothing, prime and paint and get the color I want.

I also have an armoire I want to paint for one of the spare rooms.  I haven't entirely decided what color it's going to be (and since I won't be able to take on this ENORMOUS project until summer, it doesn't really matter).  I've toyed with the idea of navy or red.  Either one would look nice in the guest room and it will certainly dress up the piece.

All of my inspiration?  http://projectsbyjess.blogspot.com/  She's amazing.  She makes me wish I could sew (sort of...I still think stapling adds bling).  And her projects don't really seem ridiculous or over the top.  Granted, I could be taking on way more than I can handle, but I'm willing to give that a shot for some of the results she's gotten.

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Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

I'm so impressed with people who can turn "trash" into "treasure." Have fun with your hung.