Tuesday, January 4, 2011


It's a relatively low-key night here house the House house.  I did a bit of staining, fixed myself a stellar meal of cheerios and did the laundry.  Here's to going to work with clothes on.

Tonight's a rare night, though.  I get to relax a little bit.  As I was watching my dog stare at me (because he desperately wants to be allowed on the new furniture.  Not happening), I realized how exhausted I've been.  Don't roll your eyes and sigh at me.  I'm not complaining.  I just hadn't realized how much I'd been consumed in 2010.

I'm ready to relax a little bit, but I'm not really sure how.  Suggestions?  My go-to relaxation technique used to include a good book and a bath.  That doesn't cut it anymore.  I'm not a "happy pill" sort of girl.  I'm not likely to indulge in 3 glasses of wine a night, either.

What I realized tonight as I was staining a door frame was that I want to go back to being content with the way things are going in my life.  That's what I missed in 2010.  That's where I left my relaxation.  It's funny, though.  We've built a house this year which is supposed to take the stress off (trailer dwelling can be disturbing).  We've really enjoyed each other's company (Favorite and I) because he's truly my best friend.

But the nagging tenseness (I don't care if it's a word.  You totally understood what I was saying) remains.  Maybe I need a little more sleep and a few more nights of plopping in the recliner and chilling.

Or maybe I just need to let Barky up on the stupid furniture (at least, that's what his begging, little eyes are saying to me right now).

PS.  Before you call the ASPCA, know that I bought the little dog a brand-new bed for the living room just so he would have his own place to lay.  He'll get used to it, and I'll get to enjoy my new (expensive) furniture.

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