Tuesday, January 18, 2011

House Picture Palooza

I promised you pictures a while back.  So prepare yourself for a quick, short tour of the (mostly) finished rooms of my house.  I'm not giving you a picture of the rooms that are still waiting.  Keep in mind, that will come and I will even update as we add things like lamps, blinds, etc.  The first picture you see above is Barky's bed.  He's actually laying in it right now, but a few minutes ago I couldn't beg him to sit in it so I could get a picture.  He wants me to look like a liar.

This is one side of my kitchen.  You can see my awesome cabinets and my double oven and you can kinda see the fridge.  Oh, and that awesome yellow tea kettle :)

This wall forms a V with the wall you just saw (with a pantry in the middle).  This is my sink and dishwasher and more awesome cabinets.

This is the island.  I tried to avoid getting my countertop in the picture because we are still in the process of cleaning and putting things where they belong.  Unfortunately, not everything has a place at this point in time.  I'm really looking forward to that time, though.

The vanity in the master bath.  I promise I'll put up pictures of my closet soon.

This is my living room, and that is the incredible credenza I was telling you about.  I put it together myself and I think it's such a classy looking piece of furniture.

This is the front room and the accent wall.  Favorite and I read A LOT, but I was shocked to discover that our books fit on both of these shelves with some shelf space to spare.  I got both bookshelves from Target and I think they look SOO good.  In the future, I'll probably have to buy two more bookshelves and put them beside the already existing ones here.  We really like books.

And that's it for now.  I'm not going to take anymore pictures tonight because I'm committing myself to spending a certain amount of time on here and then spending time doing other things.  I want to focus on eating better and reading the Bible on a regular basis...and keeping up with things so that Favorite's needs are met.  In our devotional this morning we discussed what we really desire out of each other.  That was his for me and I'm really praying that God guides me so I can follow through consistently.

Not sure if I'll post a blog tomorrow because I have a dreaded meeting (UGH!) and I'm going to check on a buddy in the hospital.  Maybe I'll throw up a quick update during my planning period.

Until then...let me know what you think of the pictures :)


Rebecca Louise. said...

They're great and I love your house, it is coming along nicely! :)

Ms. Hays said...

what was that? you have a spare room for me? everything is so modern yet cozy and warm and shiny and, well, simply lovely. thanks for sharing!

CrysHouse said...

Val--Of COURSE there is a room for you. There might even be room for Matt (MIGHT. I can't be sure.)

Thanks to both of you :) We really like it.