Monday, January 17, 2011

Beware of the Reflection

I'm excited because my house is really starting to come together.  I plan to post pictures (maybe tomorrow?) because I finally brought my camera cord to the house.  High-five :)

Anyway, Favorite moved some furniture today so I'm starting to figure out what I want to keep from the trailer and where it's going to go.  So far, I've put something in a room and I'm going to have Favorite move to the other room because I think it'll be a better fit.

I spent the second part of my day doing a bit of shopping.  I'm currently on the lookout for a mustard colored container that says "Coffee" on the outside.  I ALMOST bought one from Target today, but it was cream colored (picture below).

If I can't find what I'm looking for in the next few weeks, I'll probably go back and get it.

Anyway, I also managed to get some nice framed mirrors (also at Target).  That means I won't have to go to school guessing that I look ok.  I put my make-up on in a little hand mirror, but it'll be nice to see my whole outfit.

As I was pushing my cart through the store, I was thinking about hanging these mirrors and not really paying attention to anything in particular.  I saw a Target employee and moved over so he and the TV he was pushing on the cart would have plenty of room to get through.  Then, before he got by me, I jumped, freaked out and tried to avoid hitting him.  Why would I have such a ridiculous reaction to someone who was on the other side of the aisle?

Because I saw him in my mirror.

The one in the cart.

I have no justification for this incident.

Really, you don't have to laugh so hard.

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