Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wednesday Musings

I don't know if this will become a weekly thing, but I thought I'd give you a brief glance into the things that run through my mind over the course of a day.

*  I've become "that" teacher.  It wasn't something I did on purpose, but while explaining the concept of "pun" to my classes, I might have suggested that Shakespeare laid the ground work that allows the phrase "That's what she said" to be born.  My students thought that was hilarious, but I did not in any way encourage them to add that phrase to the end of every sentence.  Just covering my rear end.

*  I might have also introduced the Crazy/Hot scale to my students.  In all fairness, we discussed how Lady Macbeth far exceeded the Crazy/Hot it was classroom appropriate (and it was a teachable moment.  Who doesn't need good dating advice?!).

*  I hate my arms.  I've been contemplating rejoining Weight Watchers and getting another good look at my arms this evening just reminded me of the necessity of that membership.  Don't get me wrong, my thighs and stomach are fat, too.  I guess I can just deal their obesity better than my expanding upper arms.  Gross.

*  I love notebooks and pens.  I cannot explain my overwhelming affection for office supplies.

*  I found a specific pair of pants at Kohl's that I really love and I would buy them in EVERY color if Kohl's would offer more colors.

*  Shoes are awesome, but I always want my shoes to have a feminine element.  I don't want to wear "manish" shoes.  I don't really care what that says about me.

*  I'm not doing anything spectacular at the moment, but I'm really feeling good about being a teacher.  I still have a lot to learn and I'm still not fantastic about anticipating how much we'll actually get through in a given class period, but I feel like the students are getting what I'm laying down.  Of course, a few more lessons with "That's what she said" and the Crazy/Hot scale and I'll never lose their attention.

*  Barnes and Noble still haven't shipped my books.  So I bought two different ones at the actual store while I await their arrival--Ordinary People (Guest) and Diary (Palahniuk).

*  I gotta drink more water.

*  Favorite and I didn't get to do devotions together this morning, and I actually missed it even though we only started it this week.  Funny how attached you get to things.

*  I'm sleeping in on Saturday.  And looking forward to it.


ktjane said...

No joke about the sleeping in on Saturday! This week has been rough!

ender0284 said...

Lady MacBeth was getting eerily close to the Shelly Gillespie zone of the Hot/Crazy Scale. Also, I have trouble picturing you reading a Chuck Paliniuk book. I haven't ready Diary yet, but his style doesn't seem like your style.