Thursday, January 13, 2011

Confessions on a Thursday Night

Epic fail regarding my resolution to put others first.  Epic.  Favorite called today to ask if I could go to Lowe's to get some more staples so he could finish the trim.  My response?  I don't really feel like it.

UGH.  Obviously, selflessness is going to take a little more work on my part.

On another note, I'd like to sing the wonders and praises of baking soda.

Baking soda, you ask?  Why would she be so excited about a simple household good?

Well, my dear bloggies, baking soda can do just about anything.  I found out this evening that it can be used to clean ceramic top stoves.  I got home and there were hideous and unsightly rings on my BRAND NEW stove.  I thought, "Oh good grief.  We're breaking all of the new stuff."  Is it just stuff?  Yes, but we're going to be here for a while and I'd like it to look nice for at least the first year.

I just said, "Lord, I know stoves are a stupid thing to pray about, but help me find a way to clean this oven."

Sure enough, the first website answer I got:  "Try baking soda and scrub!"

And it's clean.  And shiny.  And amazing.

And I praise God for my shiny stove.

Just like I praised him for my new wallet when I was 8 years old (it was my first testimony at church).

After all, every good and perfect gift is from Him, right?

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Rebecca Louise. said...

My Mum uses baking soda for so many things! Mainly to get limescale off our shower doors :)