Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dear Eminem, I'm not cleaning out my closet, but I'm painting my stairs. Could you rap about that?

Tonight, I painted my stairs.  Why would I go through such a heinous process?  Because I have no pride.

Haha.  Just kidding.  I don't have any pride, but that has little to do with the stairs in this instance.

Favorite and I are trying to close on our loan at the bank.  Last Friday, the appraiser came out and indicated a few things that must be finished before the bank will close.  Here's where it gets weird.  Apparently, because my stairs are a part of my living area, they have to have a covering.

Don't get me wrong.  Favorite and I have every intention of continuing the hardwood on our basement stairs; however, in order to do stairs, we have to buy several very expensive pieces of nosing.  Since we have yet to put up walls in the basement, and since these walls will allow us to buy fewer pieces of nosing, we have yet to worry about the stairs.  We were more worried about trim and doors.

But no.  The stairs have to be covered.  Thankfully, paint counts.  So I've been painting my basement stairs a lovely shade of brown in hopes that we can get the bigger ticket items done quickly (read:  apron for the garage) so we can close on this loan.

On another note, my pantry doors showed up with 2 different colors of hinges.  Bizarre, no?

Be proud of me, though.  I haven't freaked out about this yet, and I'm managing to hold myself in check.  I've reminded myself that we will get everything done and this loan will close.  If you think of it, though, would you pray for Favorite and I during this particular period.  We're working as fast as we can, but these things are time consuming and we are also trying to conserve a modest savings in case of incidentals.

I also have to confess (since we're doing Prayer Monday and all) that I said a word today that I've been trying to avoid.  Honestly, my mouth is hard to control, and I was really disappointed that I let it slip when I'd been doing so well.

But here's to a new day, a new hour or a new minute.

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Hannah Grace said...

Painting can be a big project, as well as keeping up with clean language, but keep it up its worth the effort!