Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fragmented Thoughts

Lately, there have been no random stories...only fragmented thoughts that refer to the things currently going on in my life.  Tonight is similar.

*  My dad came over tonight to finish putting a closet together.  It was actually kinda nice to have someone around when I got off work.  We ate and I did laundry and put some stuff together for my lunch tomorrow.  Nothing special, but it was kinda nice to not sit here alone.

*  To the student who keeps eyeing me:  Yes, I did say you need to quit mouthing other people.  I believe I said the very same thing to you personally last semester.  Your 130 lbs doesn't scare me.  Neither does your 12 year old face.  Build a bridge and get over it.

*  I have this addiction to the bleu cheese chopped salad at the Outback.  Today, I found a recipe for it and made it myself.  And it's not like that Pasta House salad that never actually tastes like Pasta House salad.  This is JUST LIKE the restaurant version.  Feel free to click the "Contact Me" button and send me a message if you want the recipe :)  UH-MAZE-ING

*  Women's Bible study will be starting soon.  So far, I only have one person signed up.  I'm open to having as many people--young and old--as possible.  Again, feel free to contact me for details.  We'll be studying David:  Seeking a Heart Like His by Beth Moore on Sunday evenings.

*  I just had a couple of books arrive from Amazon and I want to order Made to Crave and read through it.  I have made it my goal to go back and read some of the nonfiction I never did finish:  Rob Bell's Jesus Wants to Save Christians among them.  I'm really going to try to spend some of my free time learning more about Christ.  I always say I'm going to, but, from now on, I'm going to stop worrying about my weight and appearance (with the exception of regular grooming) in order to focus on Christ in my life.  I'll let you know how that works out.

*  I'm thankful for good colleagues.  I feel pretty blessed to have been adopted by the math department, and I've enjoyed redefining my relationship with some of my fellow department members.  It makes for a much more comfortable work environment, and I don't feel like I'm just interrupting them when I have questions.  I still think it's going to be weird if S, S and I end up going to a professional development conference, though.  Something about two guys and one girl that makes that scenario a little uncomfortable.

*  I no longer trust ANY of the weather guys.  Today, the one I trust the most said, "My own opinion is that my confidence in the computer models handling of this storm is just about non-existent."  So I'm still hopeful that I might get a day off to grade and get things together around here.  Here's hoping...


Sheena said...

I just read that quote to Ronnie! My 1st and 2nd hour prayed for LOTS of snow...even the girl who doesn't like snow. She said she dislikes school more than snow so she would join us in prayer. HA!

ktjane said...

If I'm not the one, I'm in for Bible study. I think Mom is too. I would have to double check with her though.

And weathermen suck!