Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Mom is NOT a Kindergarten Teacher

Several hundred hours later, it's clear to me why Billy Mays had cocaine in his system:  he needed the pick-me-up to get all that Orange Glo off his floors.  Ugh.

It's been a sweet day, Bloggies.  It's been the epitome of ordinary, but I've enjoyed every bit of it.  At breakfast this morning, Favorite and I were blessed to run into two of my colleagues.  We ate with my friend, Morgan and her husband which was a good time.  I've missed time with my friends.  To all of you that used to like me:  this house will be done soon.  When that happens, Casey is going to come over and cook copious amounts of awesome food and we'll hang out.

Keep in mind I haven't checked with Casey.

Hm.  I might just be honing my ability to throw people under the bus.  I get it from my mom.

Speaking of, I have a really funny (HIL-AIR-EE-OUS) story about my mom, but I can't post it on the internet.

She'd hurt me.  Or at the very least, embarrass me in important situations.

But the other day she told me she doesn't always read my blog.  So maybe I can get away with it?

*Scrunches face in order to weight the options*

Hm.  I may need her soon.  She's a cleaning machine.  We like cleaning machines around here.

So I'll pass.  But suffice it to say that even though she has a Kindergarten teacher demeanor, it might be a good thing that she doesn't work with kids on a regular basis.

(If we are "real-life" friends, you can meet me for dinner and I'll relay the whole, dirty mess.  My mom will be thrilled, and I PROMISE you'll laugh.)


ktjane said...

If it's the story I am assuming you mean, it really is hilarious! And I think Casey would totally do the audition for her cooking show in your nice, new kitchen.

And, in case you didn't count, my latest post only has two exclamation points. That grammatical restraint was just for you.

Sheena said...

Your dad read the blog post to your mom. Priceless!

CaseyRhea said...

A- yes!
2- I blogged!