Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fat Tuesday

Typically, Taylor over at The Lumberjack's Wife would post regarding Fat Tuesday and all participants would weigh in (literally and figuratively).  Unfortunately, Taylor's computer is still not working.


Actually, that's a lie.  Had I gained weight or stayed the same, I probably would be deterred.  Hm.  I might have been deterred if I had something more interesting to say today, too.

But, no.  My life is boring people.  I do things like polyuerethane doors and let the dog outside.  Occasionally I get really exciting and use the microfiber mop to clean my floors or I *shock* shave my legs.  But things have to get pretty spicy around here for something like that to happen (I should probably post a picture of my legs to prove my point.  I've never been a regular shaver.  I just hate it.  Thankfully, all the water issues gave me an excuse).

What was my point?

Right.  Weight.  Not sure how shaving relates to weight loss.  Except if I shaved my legs maybe I would lose another pound or two?  It's something I'll take under advisement.

And while I'm considering it, I'd be glad to share my weight loss for the week:  -3 lbs. 

It probably doesn't sound like much to some of you, but with PCOS, I'm elated.  Normally, I'd be lucky to show a 0.5 lb loss.  Three lbs means I hit the weight loss jackpot.

I haven't been doing anything special.  I weigh every morning, because it's unlikely I'm going to develop anorexia at this stage in my life (Seriously.  If I haven't given up food to this point, why would I start now?  And forget bulimia entirely.  The idea of throwing up...or um...pooping my life away doesn't even sound kinda fun).  My weight in the morning helps me gage what I eat throughout the day and it helps me make more conscientious choices.

Bad news, though.  It's still Tuesday and I'm still fat.  So we have to take the wins as they come.

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ktjane said...

Being sick has helped me lose a little this week. Of course, I don't know that for sure because I need to buy a scale. But I feel you on that last part...