Friday, February 11, 2011

Mimicking Ophelia


Seriously.  You.  All.

I must be a walking disaster.  Particularly when it comes to water.

Anyone remember our previous water incident?

Well, it appears to me that anything that goes wrong with us is going to be water related.  Staying hydrated may be a problem.

This morning I woke up and turned the water on in the bathtub to get the water nice and hot before I climbed in.

The water came on.  Then it sputtered.  Then my heart vomited while I realized that the water?  Was running out.  As in period.

Thus began the beautiful morning that caused Favorite to hunt for leaks in our house and busted water pipes.

I called my mom and cried, "I thought this stuff was over when we moved out the trailer."  Mom, sympathetic soul that she is, replied, "Huh.  Welcome to home ownership."

So, diligent home owner that he is, Favorite attempted to educate himself about our water pipes and what lies beneath.

Thankfully, the issue was easily fixed.  Turns out, the pipe coming into our house got a little too cold yesterday evening.  Everything else, as we had hoped, was just fine and dandy.  No busted pipes.  No freezing water pouring out of the taps.  A simple set-up with a heat lamp and we were good.

All due to the prayer we prayed this morning.  Turns out the Carpenter knows a thing or two about plumbing.

I'm breathing a hearty sigh of relief.

And going home to take a shower.

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