Monday, February 14, 2011

An Update on Prayer Monday

I don't know the best way to make something like this work so I figure we're all open to trial and error.  I've recently been playing with Mister Linky and I think I've figured it out, so following will be the set-up for next Prayer Monday.

1.  I will offer my prayer requests and a prayer for the week.

2.  You are welcome to link up to my blog after you post your prayer requests and a prayer for the week on your blog.  You are also welcome to use this time as accountability (like Armanda mentioned) and share how faithful you've been to pray this week.  Truthfully, you can also use this as an accountability tool for regular Bible study.  I look for many of my prayers to revolve around the women's study we'll be starting at my church at the beginning of March (and don't forget to contact me if you're interested).

You're also welcome to offer shout-outs or mention that you'll be praying for others this week (per Casey's response--and thanks, Case.  I appreciate all the prayer I can get right now).

3. If you don't want to link up with your blog (or you don't have a blog), feel free to leave a comment after the Prayer Monday post.

I've seen the wonders of prayer, and I'm relying on it in this season of my life.  Things are too stressful without it.  If you're willing to add something else to your prayer list, keep Favorite and me in your heart.  We're trying to close on our house and the bank is being a bit persnickity about what must be finished before THEY'RE willing to close.  We think we can do a few things with minimal effort, but money is a consideration.  We aren't poor, but I don't want to put us in any uncomfortable positions just to finish.

Thanks, Ladies.  If you have any questions, feel free to click "Contact Me" and email me :)

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Sheena said...

Link up. I am Mister Linky retarded. Please help a sister out.