Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Internet Is Ruining My Life

I don't want to be all My Life Is Going To End because my internet won't work, but my life is going to end.    Since one of my resolutions was to cook more often, access to the internet has become crucial in my house.  How else do you look up recipes for the three ingredients you have left before you actually go to the grocery store?  (And I would like to submit that onions, peppers, and chicken are not a bad combination in theory, but actual ingestion means one probably shouldn't spend time in the company of others for a while.  Just sayin'.)

Unfortunately, it's still. not. working.  At this stage in the game, it's probably the router, but ruling out all the other possibilities requires *ahem* internet access.  So each time I encounter a new issue, I have to wait until my planning period the next day at work.  And don't give me that garbage about running water and hot showers.  I need the internet.  ::sobs::

I did sign up for a class next semester at the prompting of Favorite.  He thinks since I received an A in the previous class, I was blowing my experience out of proportion.  (I wasn't.  But I did probably whine excessively.)  This semester, due to schedule navigation, my class is on Wednesday nights--American Literature after 1900.  We'll apparently cover Post-Apocalyptic Fiction, Serial Verse and Graphic Novels.  I'm only aiming to survive and learn something in the process. 

I had to navigate a new schedule, because I was asked to teach an after school tutoring session on Tuesdays and Thursdays until the end of February.  The program is something through Sylvan, so while the students are completing a personalized, online, tutoring session, I can stay caught up on grading.  Maybe it will be less of a problem this semester.

I swear I had something more interesting to say, and I probably had pictures to contribute, but since I can't blog at home, when I have time to think, on my laptop, my creativity is stifled.  STIFLED I TELL YOU!

Maybe today's fix-it routine actually did.

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Sheena said...

Still? UGH! I think I would probably cry and then I would probably die. Go buy a router. If it doesn't fix it, return the router. Speed this process along, sister! ;-)