Friday, January 20, 2012

On Why It's Hard to Write a Blog About Nothing

I've said before that I started this blog to chronicle a weight loss journey that failed before it really began.  I guess that's what I intended it to be--a weight loss blog.  Then, I wrote a little about Christianity and how it affects my life, and occasionally, I would throw a blurb or two in about education and what it's like to be a teacher.  What I've never done?  Chosen one subject and married this blog to it.  I'm the Seinfeld of the blog world.

I'm a show I never watched, but, ironically, expect people to read.  How's that for honesty?

I envy some of the bloggers I follow.  Kelly is a Mommy-BloggerYoung House Love has that DIY thing down to an art.  Andi lures people in with her 165 lb weight loss and keeps them with recipes and anecdotes about living and eating.  But me?  I ramble about what socks I'm wearing or why I'm the hillbilly of grad school.  Clearly, I've got compelling down to an art.

Sometimes I'm jealous of those other blogs--not because I feel like what I say isn't as important, but because I feel like they understand what they want to say a little better than I do.  People follow because you know exactly the tenor of John and Sherry's posts, Andi's musings and Kelly's pictures.

So it doesn't surprise me that I get followers and then lose them.  After all, what of substance are you getting here?  And yet, something in me says that Weight-loss-PCOS-Dealin'-Christian-Living-Students-Learnin'-School-Lesson-Planning-Whining-Reading-Freaking-Out-House-Building-Improving-Distaster-Dealin'-With-A-Freak-Side-Show-of-Infertility has to be at least as amusing as the Soup Nazi.  Right?  Right?

I tried to narrow the topics.  Talk about one thing consistently.  Focus on a single subject.  My conclusion?   Ain't happenin'.  The truth is this:  This is my life.  It's ordinary and hilarious and full of unexpected forays into, well, the unexpected.  I can't do singular, because circumstances hate me that isn't my life, and anything less than honest ruins my declaration that I will live Christianity as honestly as possible in the hope of blessing one person.

If you consider my sad, sad dependence on the internet blessing.


Ranae said...

I always enjoy your posts. They seem to mirror how I feel my life goes. I absolutely love hearing about the real-ness of your life, because you do post about so many things! Keep being you!!

When My Bell Rings said...

No matter what kind of blogger you may or may not be... You still have a style to your blog. I read a variety of blogs for a variety of reasons. My own blog is brand new but already does talk a lot about my son, but also newlywed stuff, everyday stuff, memories, hopes and moving & so forth. I think all blogs are melting pots if you read them long enough. Don't be so hard on yourself.

Annalee said...

Don't worry, that's my blog too! I think I've managed one post so far that stayed on topic... Being random is just more fun and interesting!