Wednesday, January 18, 2012

MidWeek Confessions: 1/18/2012

*  My class begins tonight.  It wasn't the class I had planned to take, or even a class I had signed up for until last night.  But it's a class, and hopefully it won't be too taxing.  It might even have the added bonus of benefitting our RTI team or the PSAE committee with prep ideas.

*  Class may get over soon enough for me to attend my church small group.  Here's hoping.

*  I ordered a mustard yellow sweater, and I lllluuuuuurrrrrrvvvvvvveeeeee it.  I am wearing it today with a navy blue shirt, but I'd really like to find an eggplant colored shirt to wear with it in the future.  How could anyone be sad and wear yellow?

*  The search for the perfect flat continues.  Maybe this weekend I shall be blessed with shoes from the heavens.  (Ha.  I just made finding the perfect shoe a divine experience.)

*  Favorite is leaving for the next couple days due to a death in the family.  I can't go because 1.  we can't afford plane tickets for both of us ($500!!!), and 2.  I can't take that much time from work.  Please pray for this loss.  Randy was younger than my parents and suffered a massive heart attack days after his first grandchild was born.  His family is hurting.

*  Bible study, church and friends are really encouraging me to live where I am.  (Yes.  It's another lesson I should've gotten when I was 15.  The irony of teaching vs. learning isn't lost on me.)  Frankly, that simple lesson is really helping me complete the day to day without feeling like it's mundane or useless.  (Why keep making the bed/loading the dishwasher/sweeping the floor, etc.)  It's helped with the whole Weight Watchers thing, too.  Instead of looking down the road a year, I'm looking at today.  And, obviously, that keeps me from borrowing a lot of trouble.  It's a much more peaceful way of living.  Scout's honor.  (But I was never a scout.  So take it for what it's worth.)

*  Today for lunch:  Sauteed brussel sprouts with slivered almonds and a bit of parmesan.  Main dish:  Mushroom/Quinoa burgers with dijon mustard.

Happy Wednesday.


Sheena said...

Brussel sprouts are gross, but the burger sounds delicious!

E said...

So sorry about your family's loss...

And, awesome new outlook on life.

P.S. If I had delicious meals like THAT, I might actually stick to WW. I'm impressed... :)

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Most of your confessions sound like great things! I could use a mushroom/quinoa burger for an afternoon snack. :)

Though I'm so sorry about your loss. I'll say a prayer for the family.

MSDeyle said...

I'M ALWAYS looking for the perfect flats. Why can I always see them on other people but can never find them when I need them??