Thursday, January 19, 2012

Just Another Manic...Thursday?

Today was my last observation before tenure.  I don't post-eval with my administrator until next week, but (*I think*) the lesson went well.  My students deserve a Golden Globe for their performances in class.  I feel like saying that means they were putting on an act for the admin, but the truth is they are that way most of the time.  I'm telling you:  my students this year make me rejoice in my job as a teacher.  On most days, I love them all to pieces.

I spent the rest of the day trying to figure out how to root my Nook Tablet so I could download Android Apps--including the Kindle App.  I was told that the textbook for my (grad) class (number 2!  for those of you keeping track) wasn't available on the Nook, and I knew this would be a cheaper route.  Hence, the rooting.  Turns out, the book IS available on the Nook which means that I'm a sucker for not double checking information before I just accept it from another resource.  Jerks.  Uninformed, non-tech-savvy jerks.  (And an apology to Morgan since she thinks I told her she's dumb in the lounge today.  Not my intent, Morgan.  Not my intent.  But I love you.  You and Kerry.  And Schmeig.  Who will always be Schmeig.  I think I'm getting off topic.)

Speaking of class (Please acknowledge my beautiful segue way), this semester promises to be MUCH easier than last semester. And by MUCH I mean the difference between me and a marathon runner.  This class requires a total of 8 pages of writing--due in 2 page increments four separate times.  It's a pretty big turn around from my 25 page monstrosity last semester.

Despite the fact that this semester will be easier, I'm still the hillbilly in higher education.  No risk of me becoming the pretentious jerk who thinks that more time at a desk makes her better than people who didn't pursue college.  Actually, the further I go in education, the more I realize how blessed I am to have the opportunity to learn more. 

There's actually a guy at my church with a doctorate who refuses to allow others to call him "doctor" and has no sense of uppity (it's a super-technical term) what-so-ever.  Wouldn't the world be a better place if everyone thought that way?  Part of "teacher" makes me think that I have a responsibility to others...and that responsibility doesn't include looking down my nose at those who are less educated than me.  Particularly when most of those people have schooled me in a hundred different ways.  (Mostly about Christian living.  I'm a slow learner.  Really.  Really.  Slow.) 

Anyway, that's my Thursday.  Sitting at home, downloading books, missing Favorite and thanking God he'll be home tomorrow.  What do you think about education?  Are you pursuing it?  Do you think higher ed is for pretentious jerks?  Give me some feedback.

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Ranae said...

I think that education is something that we must ALWAYS pursue. Working in special education this year has really affirmed this in my heart. There are so many different ways of learning and so many things TO learn. People who refuse to continue learning are the ones who seem the most pretentious. I don't do well with uppityness (new word there! :o) ) And so often it comes from those who really aren't all that educated on the topic of discussion. It's not the letters after your name that make you educated, it's the child-like quality of pursuing new ideas, new innovations, and new pursuits that makes you educated. Just my two cents, anyway!