Friday, August 12, 2011

The Jitters

The jitters are something that are generally reserved for the hour before the wedding and people who have consumed too much java.  I have the jitters because things in my life are getting ready to change drastically.

That might be a slight overreaction.

To start, I just signed up for my first grad school class ever.  Logically, this shouldn't scare me.  It's just one class.  It's only one day a week.  The topic is Holocaust Literature which is something I really enjoy and should benefit my classroom.  But it does scare me.  I'm coming off of a year spent looking behind my shoulder at what could have been instead of what is, so declaring myself ready to move on is a little like fast forwarding through what could be an organizational nightmare.

The bright side?  I like school.  I like literature.  And I like the professor.  Part of me wants to sit up and say, "I'm baaaaaacccccckkkkk." but we'll see if my organizational skills are willing to make a comeback on such short notice.

Secondly, Big Bro is leaving for a job interview in Ohio next week.  If you're completely rational, you're saying, "It's JUST an interview, Crys.  No guarantees."  But you would be saying that because you don't know Big Bro, and you also don't know the sense of peace I get about this job for him.  It's a good position.  These people would be so over the top blessed to have him.  (Plus, they're getting a deal.  Anyone else with his intelligence would be far too expensive to consider for an entry level position.  They're just lucky his degrees don't match his brain function.)

I'm tight with my brothers.  One has already moved.  And since Bro bro and Sheena are getting married, she'll be going with him.

*Cue hysteric tears*  They are my best friends.  I don't make friends easily.  I'm off-putting and rude.  I am a curmudgeon and an isolationist.  But they love me anyway.

I know we'll visit.  I also know this is a good thing.  I'm just trying to iron out all of the what-might-have-been kinks before I make myself nuts.

So I'm jittery.  But I have high expectations for fantastic things.

Yep.  Quote me on it.  This is going to be a fresh-pound-cake-with-fresh-strawberries-and-whipped-cream-but-completely-calorie-free year.

More on food later.

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Jenny said...

"I am a curmudgeon and an isolationist." I did not picture you as such. That line made me giggle {not at you, at the word curmudgeon}. I hope your year does in fact bring fantastic things :)