Friday, August 5, 2011

Show Us Your Life: Blogging Tips and Vaca Update

Hey Kelly's Korner :)

I am clearly a professional blogger--what with the last two weeks and a total of three posts.  Ack.  What has happened to me?

Truthfully, though, I think blogging comes down to one thing:  honesty.  We all want to know that what we're reading is real, because those are the connections we want to make with other people.

Honesty doesn't mean you lay absolutely everything out there for the entire world to read.  I have a husband who is a fairly private person, and there are certainly subjects I am unwilling to broach with the public at large.

But when I am ready, I do share my heart.  My phrasing isn't always smooth, and my delivery isn't always funny, but I do aim to write the way I talk to people in my real life.  Hopefully, some of that comes across here.

Like, for instance, the fun time we had when we finally made it to Florida yesterday.  Favorite (my husband) and I aren't willing to drop a small fortune on hotel rooms; however, we aren't willing to drink brown water, forgo showers and pick bugs out of our beds either.  That means we ALWAYS check the recommendations of other customers and proceed accordingly.

For this trip, we chose to stay in a simple Howard Johnson--clean, simple and fairly inexpensive for the five days we'll be here.  It's certainly not the resort we stayed at in Orlando (holy beejeezus.  I'll have to tell you about that place later...but suffice it to say most of the women stared at me when I walked through in all of my Old-Navy-and-flip-flop-glory), but it's comfortable--and we don't spend much time here anyway.

BUT...when we got here, the room key wouldn't work.  So Favorite went back down to the desk.  She fixed it.  Except she didn't.  Then she came up herself.  Still nothing.

So we've just driven in excess of 10 hours and we now cannot get into our hotel room.

Frustrated might be an understatement.

The lady asked us if we could grab a bite to eat and by the time we came back, her manager would have everything under control.  Except that didn't happen.

They had to scan us in on a security card and then fix it in the morning.

We laugh about it now...but last night?  It no so funny.

Stay tuned for updates from the road.  Favorite shaved his head in an attempt to out wit his hair follicles since they've refused to work.  There will definitely be pictures to follow.

(PS.  If you ever have to drive for a long distance in the car, I highly recommend a book on tape.  Favorite and I bought Game of Thrones and I'm completely mesmerized.  Made the trip so much easier.  I didn't have to try to give him a bruise to entertain myself.)

(PPS.  Yes, I did actually do that once.  Don't judge me.)


Amanda Money said...

Hi! I'm hopping over from Kelly's blog. I love the look of your blog. Yellow is a great color and you've used it well :-)

Amiee said...

Visiting from Kelly's Korner.

I agree, be honest! But, when you are honest, hopefully people won't blast you for your honesty :/ I can't stand that.

Cory said...

Hi, visiting from Kelly's. Might I just say that your blog is very soothing to view. :) And your tips are great. :) Thanks for sharing.

ktjane said...

Enjoy your vacation! See you when you get back!

Do I Have to Be a D.I.N.K.? said...

Have a great vacation! I am going to start reading the Game of Thrones! I started watching the show and loving it!