Wednesday, August 24, 2011

This Semester...

This semester I will...

*  Become more organized that I have been.
*  Focus on grading at work so I bring less home.
*  Work on understanding behavior instead of just disciplining it.
*  Just sigh when members of the community/well meaning parents point fingers instead of participating in intelligent discussion.
*  Pick my battles.
*  Talk about people less.
*  Praise others more.
*  Be an encouragement to the people I love.
*  Shut my mouth when I have nothing of benefit to say.
*  Realize my opinion isn't the only one in the room.
*  Grit my teeth and swallow my pride/feelings.
*  Accessorize better.
*  Eat better.
*  Do what I can do and then let it go.

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ktjane said...

I love this! I also ditto it!