Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Weekly Update From Grad School #1

Have I mentioned I'm reliving all of my high school insecurities, except this time I'm sitting in a room with people in their mid to late 20s?

I had forgotten how paranoid I could be, but there it is.  I'm paranoid.  Oh, hold on to your seat.  It gets worse.

I spend my entire day telling my students not to be embarrassed to ask questions.  I tell them that we're all just here to learn and there's no shame in clarifying information.  I tell them I won't think they're stupid if they ask me questions and it's my job to guide them through whatever process/information we're learning at the time.


I don't want to talk to my professor.  I don't want to ask him questions because he may think I'm stupid.  It would be completely devastating to hear that I don't belong in this class.  And even though I'm here to learn, I naturally expect that I'm going to know everything before I have the opportunity to learn it.

Sick, isn't it?  Hypocrisy knows no limits.

(And now I'm going to email my professor.  You can't hear disapproval in type face.)

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Do I Have to Be a D.I.N.K.? said...

How ironic! Just remember that you are a strong, beautiful, confident woman and can ask anything! I have to constantly remind myself of this - so I thought I would remind you!