Saturday, August 27, 2011

Roots and Wings

My new shoes did a good enough job on my foot that it's now swollen and a little infected.  I guess I should've treated the sore.  So this evening, I've sat on the couch with my foot in a bowl of peroxide boiling out whatever might have infected my foot.

And I'm going to sit here and talk about that so I don't have the talk about the fact that my brother is leaving.

He got a job, and there is no one of this planet who is happier for him than I am.  A hundred years ago, when he left school I knew he would eventually find something that would suit him.  I knew he would be fantastic at it.  I guess I just didn't know it would take him ten hours away

Today, as my STBSIL tried on her wedding gown in front of us, I thought about what a blessing they are.  I thought about how lucky Ohio will be to get them.  And I thought about how very much I'm going to miss them.

I guess the problem with putting down roots is that sometimes the people you love the most grow wings.

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