Sunday, July 11, 2010

Finds, Loves, and Projects: The post that includes my internet shopping interests and some real life projects.

Is Sunday really the first day of the week?  It feels more like the seventh to me.  I'm always exhausted by Sunday afternoon.  It must be my extremely taxing days that 

Don't be jealous.  In a week or so, it will be back to the grindstone.  I need to get some lesson plans in order for the next wave of students.

But the summer affords me opportunities I don't have during the school year.
1.  Lots of blogging. (Despite lack of comments.  You all think you could make a girl's day here?)

2.  Lots of reading.  I may quit Little Bee.  The story itself is interesting, but the author won't stay there long enough to let me like the book.  What can I say?  I only need so much back story before I just need you to get on with it.  I'm now on Eat, Pray Love and I am fascinated by this woman's life.  Who wouldn't appreciate someone who moves to Italy and tries to learn Italian because "it's a beautiful language"?  Although, I really want to point out to her that God (Christian) and Allah are not the same, scripturally speaking.

3.  Internet browsing.   I can't help myself.  I love to look for fun bags (have I mentioned I like purses?  HA!), cute dresses, interesting jewelry, etc.  The browsing has led to some new enjoyments in my life.

About the Author Dress
June Cleaver I am not.  But I wouldn't mind looking like her every now and again.

I think there's just something about these dresses from the 50s and 60s that scream class and professionalism--and most of those women were never professionals.

They also scream, "I'm a woman."  It's something I like people to notice now and again :)

 Truthfully, if I were to post my weight loss goals to the world, this would be what I would post.

I'm not interested in losing a certain amount of weight or becoming a certain size.  Frankly, I think what is good for one girl may, in fact, be way too thin for another.  So we all have to find a happy medium.

And these dresses are my happy medium. 

Hepcat Dress

I've shown you this once before.  I'm currently on a mad hunt to find one that I won't have to pay an arm and a leg for, because I went to see the material at Dillard's, and it's gorgeous!

It's actually ridged and looks more woven than anything.  In other words, it has a bit of texture.

The purse is also larger than I originally anticipated, and so fits my stipulation that I have to be able to carry a book around in a purse.

Yet in my search to find it, I also found this one:

I love bags that have structure to them, so it's no surprise I fell in love with this little number (plus, it's shiny!).

The shape is really similar to Vera Bradley's bowler (another bag I have grown to love)

Unfortunately, this was a limited edition, and originally cost $900.

Well, I have taste, don't I?

This is a Vera Bradley Bowler in Barcelona. 

The new color is beautiful, but has an element of elegant.  And I think that it would even appeal to people who haven't previously enjoyed Vera designs.

Of course, I also like this color in the Alice design as well as the Julia

I'm just not sure if the Julia can/will hold a book (or my wallet, for that matter).

This is a devotional I've had for a long time, but I haven't worked my way through it completely.

God's really drawing me to Him during this season.  I'm trying to commit more scripture to my mind, and I appreciate any prayers you have sent my way.

This is the book I wanted to use for the upcoming Women's Prayer Group.  Unfortunately, it is out of print!  I HATE that! 

Instead, we are using this book.

Please don't think that I use Beth Moore books because I have some sort of obsession.  It's just not true (even though I do like her a lot).

I use most of these materials because they are set up nicely.  You don't realize how nice it is to have common questions available for the group until you have a group of women staring at you and nothing to say to them ;) 

Turns out, we all retain something from high school in that way--and no one in the group wants to talk first.

I'm really excited about this prayer group though.  God has given me something that will glorify Him for our first meeting, but I'm not really sure how I will organize our time together after that.  Thankfully, I'm not worried about it.

Once some of my Bible study women suggested something like this, God spoke to my heart and said "YES."  So I'm confident that this is what we should be doing.  He just hasn't revealed how we should do it yet.  Probably for a reason.

It's open enrollment.  We are just interested in holding one another accountable for time in the Word and praying as a group before evening church.  I can email information if you are interested.

But you should remember I was serious about getting comments.


Amber said...

I'll take the bait. I would totally wear that polka dot number and stand by the window in my kitchen singing "Somewhere That's Green." But I mean that in the best possible way... I'm sure this makes sense to you.

Allison said...

Does it really matter if the bag won't hold your wallet? After all, once you pay for the bag, there's nothing left in your wallet but your ID, which doesn't really require a wallet anyway ;)

Armanda said...

Rest assured girl, even though I never comment I read every word! I like to pretend it's adult conversation in my little boy world! And I come to you for book suggestions too :)

Sheena said...

Can you please make sure that we wear the same size when you purchase those dresses? I totally want to borrow them!

Anonymous said...

I love your blogs, but I am afraid people will think I am prejudice. But I'm not really, I would tell you if they stunk, right?
You got your love of dresses from me but your love of purses totally belong to g'ma Mays. It's all her fault and I am sure she is totally enjoying your obsession. Mom

CrysHouse said...

Mom--Yes, you would tell me if they were bad. Remember when you used to "help" me when I came home from the radio station?

On a side note, I'd like to think the G'ma Mays contributed to more than my height and my love of food :) But I never would've thought I would've gotten the dress thing from you. I guess it makes sense, though.