Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The post where I show you a bunch of pictures

My birthday celebration took an interesting turn when my aunts decided that it needed to be a princess themed party.  You see, I'm the only girl on one side of my family.  That means that I am, by default, a princess ;)  On my birthday, however, my aunts made sure everyone was a princess.

They started by making sure I had a castle to be proud of.  Can you see Jake the Snake standing behind his favorite princess (er...princesses...Nory would be upset if I didn't mention her, too.  She got a little jealous of Ariel).

My grandma donned a crown.

Jake the Snake in the middle of a seranade.
My friend, Kate
Lil Bro's g/f--I told her that unless you have a blog, you get a nickname on this blog.  Therefore, after much deliberation, her name shall be Sparkles...and her birthday is coming up.  Prepare for the pictures.
Nory the beauty queen--she was practicing her pageant smile :)

My beautiful mother

Gloria, my aunt with the popcorn popper.  We have a lot in common, with former trailer dwelling and all.
Lil Bro--Can we all agree that pink is his color?
My friend, Sheena--And Big Bro's g/f...but I should mention that she was my friend before she was his girlfriend.  You're welcome, Big Bro.  You're welcome.
Aunt Diane--the thinker and creator of my magical indoor castle
My handsome father--I wish I had a picture of his shirt.  He's wearing a Rock-Em, Sock-Em robot shirt.  One robot is getting ready to hit the other robot with a chair.  Yeah...that's not translating here without a picture, is it?  Hm...I hate it when mediums complicate hilarious communication.
Gene--Aunt Diane's husband--Gene seemed pretty excited to put his crown on...something about maybe being a princess before?  I'm not sure...but I'm a little worried.
My grandpa--he smiled just as pretty as he could when he got his crown (and who wouldn't?!  It's everyone's dream to wear a crown, right?  What?  You mean that's just me?)
Uncle Jason--Gloria's husband--and the only one who looked a little angry at wearing a crown.  Suck it up, Captain Mechanic.  Everyone needs a little sparkle in life.
Older Bro--he insisted on putting the crown around his hat, and needed a picture with his sceptor.  If you ever wondered about the strange-ness of my family, this picture should answer a lot of your questions.
And you totally know you were waiting for this one--Hubby.  Granted, you are probably a little less impressed since you've now seen 100 pictures of him in hats, but I think this one suits him.  It's pointy so it makes his head seem less round ;)  I love you, baby :D

To avoid breach of contract, I will avoid posting any pool pictures up here.  I don't want pictures of me in my swimming suit on the internet for all eternity (unless I lose 80 lbs--then we're having a photo shoot).  Suffice it to say we had an awesome day lounging that culminated in a wonderful fireworks display (even Skippy's contributions).  Next post:  The presents :)


CaseyRhea said...

Can I just tell you - that Dad in a crown is PRICELESS! How precious! :o)

CrysHouse said...

LOL--I know. I'll have to keep that for the next generation to appreciate :)