Monday, July 19, 2010

Prayer Group and other thoughts

Last night was our first women's prayer group meeting.  I wasn't sure who would be coming (for sure); I wasn't sure what God wanted us to do for the weeks we will be meeting together.  I was completely nervous about what He had led me to do for the first week.

But I shouldn't have been.

When God shows up, there's no shortage of recognition.  And He did show up.  We still have no idea what we'll be doing from week to week, but we have a bit of direction regarding prayer.  We know the things that have pricked our hearts, and we know that we will be interceding for those things until we can write a date at the bottom of the page.  We know that God delivers.  We know that God restores.  And we are going to wait on Him to do those things--in our lives, our churches and our communities.

I still have a few books left.  We meet on Sunday evenings at 4:45-5:55, and you are more than welcome to join.

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