Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The last of the birthday posts: Who doesn't love presents?

I got several gift cards and a lot of money for my b-day, so hubby took me to the mall on Mondays so use them.  We went to Applebee's to eat and had a generally satisfying day. 

On another note, doesn't hubby look hot?!  I mean, of course you think so, because he is. 

This is what Big Bro and Sheena gave me.  It's a Berger Lampe, and tell me it isn't beautiful.

The purpose of this lamp is to get rid of smells in your space.  It actually purifies the air so you don't have to smell nastiness--and since I live in a trailer, my house perpetually smells like musty, rotten particle board.

So not only does it look pretty, it's functional, too.

To go along with it, Lil Bro and Sparkles got me some oil to put inside it.

This stuff smells awesome.  Seriously, if it didn't smell like straight alcohol before you burned it, I would rub it all over my body and call it perfume. 

That was probably a little blog inappropriate.  Oh well, my blog.  Deal.

And my house no longer smells like feet, thank you.

Wait...wonder if the bros were trying to tell me something?

Hubby got me this AWESOME bag along with 3 (count 'em, girls--THREE) gift cards--Old Navy, Macy's and Barnes and Noble.  The man knows me, does he not?

Anyway, this bag is amazing.  Not only does it look professional, the inside holds a ton of stuff.  It's the perfect thing for a teacher--especially since I tote my laptop to and from school every day.

Those are just the front compartments--Places for my ipod, pens (I have a lot of them) and various other odds and ends.

Then it has two separate zipper compartments for the laptop, papers, etc.

I'm going to start carrying it now just because I feel cooler with it on my arm. 

Yep, bags and office supplies--you know I'm a fascinating person.

Chris' mom and dad got me a gift certificate to Barnes and Noble so I got to pick up a Bible I'd been looking at for a while.  I like to have different translations, but this one also has some interesting footnotes (about how scripture has been misused) and interesting articles from current apologists (like Ravi Zacharias).

Plus, it's pretty on the outside.  And while I like I pretend I don't care about that stuff, I can't help my girly self.

Now, if I can get the blue Coach purse, I'll be all matchy-matchy.

Nory totally gets my love of books, and apparently my love of memoir and got me this.

I was a little worried when it first came out, because I thought it was some weird religious book--and I'm very careful about undermining my beliefs.  But after reading the back of the book, I realized it's just the story of a woman's experience.  And if "Leave No Carb Behind" is a religion, it's one I will gladly read about.

After I finish Little Bee, I'll be picking this up.  Looks like a quick read :)

I used my Old Navy gift card to buy another new dress--I SO love dresses.  This one is a broomstick style dress so it's a lot more forgiving in certain areas than other dresses.  Like the last two I bought, it cuts right below the knee, and is just a super-cute summer outfit.

I haven't yet, but I plan on trying to find some jewelry to match, because that is now how I roll.

Tell me it's not cute, though.  It's all flowers and wondefulness wrapped up in a little cotton number.

Have I mentioned how much I love dresses?

How about yellow?  Have I mentioned how much I love the color yellow?


Well, here is another recent addition to my closet.  First of all, let me say that I love this shirt because it is yellow.

Secondly, I love it because it is not revealing (on top) and blouses to hide any unnecessarily bloated parts on bottom.  I also got another 3/4 sleeve sweater (what did I tell you about obsession?) with ruffles around the neck and buttons to wear over it.  It totally dresses up the shirt and is SO CUTE!

So as you can tell, I received a lot of really nice stuff.  I had a great cake (it was three tiered instead of two--HOLLA!); I still have a ton of money to spend and I'm enjoying some awesome new additions to my closet.

I also got a great apron/recipe box set that I forgot to get a picture of.  I'll try to rectify that at a later date.  But Holla to Casey for doing a great job with Vera!

But I don't want you to miss what I appreciated the most.

I have an extremely loving, supportive group of family and friends.  They don't work hard to function as a unit because they are naturally conscientious of others. 

I love them--deeply and unapologetically.

Some of them have been around for forever (Mom, Dad, Bros, Kate, Sheena, Jacob, Hubby, Amber).  Some are new to the circle (Sparkles, Nory, Casey, Sarah A., Sarah T., Morgan, Kerry, Schmeig).  But all of them jump at the chance to celebrate and hang out.

And all of them made my birthday fabulous.

"May the God who gives endurance and encouragement give you a spirit of unity among yourselves as you follow Christ Jesus"  (Romans 15:5, NIV).