Tuesday, July 27, 2010

We thought our heads were in the game.

Favorite and I have collectively decided that everything we do is a fiasco.

I'm not sure why we thought purchasing doors for the house would be any different.  But, in our little, storybook heads, we imagined that we would go to the store, grab the one we had picked months ago, pick out two more to go in different places on the house, head to our movie (Inception--so good...but another story for another time) and enjoy an evening together.

Alas.  It was not to be.

If you have been reading since the initial stages of the house-building process, you would know that this was the door we picked TWO MONTHS before we ever broke ground.  I love this door.  I love the simplicity of it.  I love that it's red.  I really, really just love this door.

When we got to Lowe's, I immediately ran to the isle where my beautiful door was residing and gasped to see that the sign below it said "Special Order."

Special Order?  No.  We need the door tomorrow.  The contractor wants to put the doors in.  Like, tomorrow.

Calmly, we spoke to the extremely nice lady who was working the counter.  She explained that even if we did order the door, it would likely take two weeks to get it in and it would only come on a Friday.

Panic set in.  What would we do?  We needed doors.  We couldn't wait!  The contractor was waiting on us!  We didn't want to slow down the process since it took so long to get it started.

After much agony (which I will spare you), we found out that this door isn't even available for order in this color.  That's right.  The door on display is unavailable.  Instead, this door is supposed to be an example of how pretty a door can be if you...wait for it...PAINT IT.

No sign explained that this color was unavailable.  Leave it to me to fall in love with a product that doesn't even exist.

The wonderful sales lady went above and beyond to help us find something, but it took two trips to Home Depot and one to Menards to finally settle on doors for the house.  Turns out if you have 2x6 walls, few, if any, home improvement stores carry doors in stock.  They ALL have to be ordered.

Yes, we called the contractor and apologized profusely.  Yes, we probably paid a little more money for doors than we would've had this not been a fiasco.  But thankfully, the contractor didn't seem bothered and we are now finished with this part of the process.

The front door looks almost exactly like the one I picked out, but, because nothing in our lives can be short a fiasco, we'll have to have it painted.  At the suggestion of my father (and the nice lady at Lowe's), we'll probably have a local autobody shop paint it just to make sure that it looks nice.

And I will end up with a beautiful, red, front door.


ktjane said...

Let's try this again without all the typos. Well, at least you were able to find some suitable doors, even if they have to painted. It's a relatively small bump in the road, but I know it's stressful!

Sheena said...

Well, it's not like there aren't other things to be done. And since he was 2 months late getting started on the house, I'm kinda thinking that the contractor really couldn't get terribly upset!

Glad you got it worked out!

Sarah Wellmeier Photography said...

I love a Red Door, mine has been red for the last 3 years:).....but I actually just bought paint to change mine as soon as it cools down;)

Glad you got it figured out. I have heard of building stories like this...clearly why we have 20 acres sitting across town for sale...I did not think I could handle the whole building thing;)

Ashley said...

I'm not sure if you already have someone in mind to paint the door, but my family uses a man named "Hot Dog" Wright for all of our automobile-painting needs. (Yes, he has a real name, but I don't know what it is so I always pay with cash rather than a check so I don't have to ask - or write Hot Dog on a check). He lives on Christian Chapel Road in Anna, works out of a shop in his front yard, is verrrry reasonable, and does a great job. Hope this helps!

P.S. I love the door!

CrysHouse said...

Thanks, Ashley. Favorite actually works with a guy who does the same sort of thing, so we're going to see if he wouldn't do us a favor :)

Sarah--Oh, but you're missing the bonding part of the process ;) I really can't complain. It hasn't been too bad so far. Definitely not the trauma everyone says it is...at least, not yet.