Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I'm Not Gonna Lie: It's a List

Normally, I would wield some compelling story about something funny that happened to me in front of the school tech guy that involved my husband over the phone and a pretty intimate joke that the tech guy actually heard because my husband was talking AS LOUD AS HE POSSIBLY COULD, therefore requiring said tech guy to say he didn't hear anything when IN FACT HE HEARD EVERYTHING but today, I'm not going to do that.

Today, I'm going to give you a list.  I'm going to ask for suggestions.  I'm going to hope this spurs creativity.

*  Grad school is going better.  The professor stopped me in the parking lot the other day to let me know that I'm doing fine.  I'll be honest:  it was nice to have the encouragement.  I'm clearly out of my element, and even though he realizes it, he's gracious enough to let me find my way.  God bless him.

*  I have a bet with a student who believes I can't tell the difference between a paper he spent 30  minutes on and a paper he spent 1 hr and 30 minutes on.  We took bets.  Most of the class seems to have great faith in my deciphering ability.

*  I was going to wait, but I ordered bedding for my guest room.  Wanna see it?

I was looking for something in a green or an orange, and I love the bluey-turquoisey accents in this piece.  It will go nicely with the paint color in the guest room.  And this means that I can finally start working on the guest room.  I'm envisioning some really great stuff in there.  For one, blue ceramic tables as night stands (like the one in the picture below):

(TO AMBER:  I didn't settle for bedding, and I'm SO happy!  This is definitely the same color family that I hoped for, and I got a really good deal on it.)

*  My brother and STBSIL leave soon to house hunt in Ohio.  I'm hoping they fall in love with something that's just "them."

*  I don't enjoy looking for a new church.  I had a few things to say here about looking, but I certainly don't enjoy the process.  Why can't there just be a church called "This is the perfect church for you" and you go there and know that's exactly where you're supposed to be?  I guess it boils down to the fact that I just want to do the right thing.  I want to follow God's leading.  So we're walking until we're clear.

*  I was aggravated with my current university for not posting my tuition waiver to my account.  Then I realized the fax didn't go through.  Yes.  Yes, I am delayed.

*  A few students at my school wanted to start an online school paper this school year.  I decided it sounded like a good use of time and volunteered myself to head up that project.  We are supposed to launch on Friday (and will hopefully be on schedule).  So far, the articles are really impressive.  I just got one today that blew my mind.  They are working so hard and I really hope this is a successful venture.  (And if you have any advice on wordpress, let me know.  That's the tool we're using for the paper.)

*  My car has been acting weird.  Come to find out, it needs new struts.  Oh, and due to the struts, my tires have worn badly and need to be replaced.  Total cost for said project?  $1200.  It's a little ouch over here. 

I welcome comments on any and all subjects.  Let's converse.


ktjane said...

Love your bedding! Glad you waited to find one you loved!

Amber said...

Nice job on the bedding! I look forward to you finishing up my room... I mean... um... the "guest" room...

Do I Have to Be a D.I.N.K.? said...

Love the colors in your new bedding! It looks so happy!