Friday, September 2, 2011

Show Us Your Life: Favorite Blogs

I love blogs.  It's probably sad that a little computer screen keeps me connected to reality (is that even possible?).  Oh well.  I guess I just love the fact that those who write about their lives tend to sit down and find the humor (or the lesson) in a situation before writing.  Personally, that's what I appreciate about blogging.  Well, that and the delete button.

People from "Real" Life

Kate is a friend of mine who is a guru in all things media--particularly celebrities.  Want to know something about a popular television show or band?  She's your girl.  Interested in life as a middle school teacher?  She knows where it's at.  Want information on how to cook raw meat?  I'd look elsewhere.

Sheena is my STBSIL.  She and my brother will be moving to Ohio to start a completely new life soon.  Her blog will be a necessity when it comes to communication.  Oh, and she's started talking about hilarious topics like torque and racing.  Who says ghetto redneck isn't a possibility?  (Only kidding.  I just think it's funny when girls from the ghetto comment on NASCAR.)

Eventually, my friend Casey is going to answer her calling in the food industry.  Until then, take advantage of her willingness to share her genius over the world wide web.

People I Stalk (And I mean that in the most Christ-like of ways)

E, Myself and I is a constant amusement.  She recently gave birth to her first child (a son--Sam), and offers full disclosure about her self esteem, joy and job.  AND, she manages to do it with a smile on her face.

Becoming Sarah is a blog about a girl and her girl.  She's brilliant and hippie and crunchy and all those wonderful things I fail at every single day.  She recently suffered a miscarriage, but walked her audience through the process with such brilliant works of prose, I wanted to ask her if she's a published author. 

Who doesn't love Young House Love?  Not only am I a fan of their DIY craziness, I'm caught up in all the amazing pictures they've posted of their home.  I've been in mine for almost a year and my guest bath still doesn't have a mirror.  Do they make house calls?

Over at Mabel's House, Liz has just sent her sister back to Japan for another year long adventure.  Her posts are always short, picture-filled and positive.  Her pictures of food make me salivate.  Oh, and she might be the reason I insist on eating tomato salads in the dead of summer.  (PS.  Mabel is actually the dog...)

Chapters is a blog about a girl.  A girl who is physically fit.  A girl who helps others become physically fit.  On top of those things (which are feats in and of themselves), she's a Christian who is gracefully dancing down the road of infertility.  And I mean that exactly the way it sounded.  If I could do anything in life with as much grace as she's handled that horrific situation, the Catholic church would saint me while I was still breathing.

Of course, I read a ton of other things that are hilarious (Hyperbole and a Half, anyone?).  You only need check my sidebar to find a few of them.  But these are the ones I never, ever miss.  (Of course, I also read Kelly's Korner, Katie's Keepers and BigMama religiously.)  Check them out.  Leave them a comment. 

Oh, and just so I feel important, leave me a comment, too?


emily said...

i read e, myself and i too. i love when she has a new post. sometimes i think we're friends IRL, but we are not! ha.

E said...

Girl, you IS important! :) Thank you SO much for linking to my blog... You put a smile on my face on this rainy day! E

CaseyRhea said...

Thanks for the shout out, lady! :oD

pissedoffteacher said...

I stop by every time you post something new