Friday, September 16, 2011

Show Us Your Life: Favorite Bible Studies

Hi, Kelly's Korner :)  (I've got a bit of a preface here, and then I'll get to the actual purpose of this post.)

If you've been reading this blog for a week, you know that we're in a season of change.  By "we," I pretty much mean everyone in my immediate circle of love.  Part of that, for a few of us, means finding a new church home.

I'm not super in love with the idea of looking for a new place, because I like being comfortable.  I like that I was dedicated in my current church.  I like that I know people, and their histories.  I like going to church with most of my family.

But more than anything, I have loved facilitating Women's Bible Study over the last several years.  I've tried to explain what they mean to me, but I feel like most of my words come up short.  Truly--there is nothing like sharing the word of God and your life with women who are making an investment in themselves, in you, in the Word and in a community of believers.

Leaving means I will be letting this ministry go.  I've cried more over the loss of that support system than I have over just about anything else.

In the time that I've facilitated Bible study we've done (that I can remember):
*  Breaking Free by Beth Moore
*  Living Beyond Yourself by Beth Moore
*  Jesus the One and Only by Beth Moore
*  Stepping Up by Beth Moore
*  The Patriarchs by Beth Moore
*  Esther by Beth Moore
*  Seeking A Heart Like His by Beth Moore
*  Believing God by Beth Moore
*  He Speaks to Me by Priscilla Shirer
*  Conversation Peace

I can honestly say that each study met me where I was and spoke to particular needs.  But the ones that continually resonate with me are Living Beyond Yourself and Seeking A Heart Like His.  The latter is the most recent study, and there are so many things that hit home with me (and likely more than I missed).  I just needed to hear those tender words.

I plan to revisit Living Beyond Yourself and Seeking a Heart Like His at some point in time.  And I'm praying that I will have the opportunity to get involved in a group like this when God leads us to our new home.

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