Monday, September 12, 2011

The Update I Promised

There are several things going on that I've been wanting to flesh out here, but sometimes grading, laundry and lack of words get in the way. 

Last night, I ugly cried with Big Brother.  We knew it was coming.  He and his STBwife would be making a home in Ohio, and we would have to learn to navigate the distance.  Hopefully gracefully.  Knowing me, probably not.

He commented how just a year ago he couldn't see how these things would pan out.  When all of his plans fell through, he couldn't see anything.  But while he couldn't see anything, God was ordering his steps.  Ten years ago, when he never imagined what today would look like, God ordered his steps.  And now?  It seems a little like God is willing to pull back the veil and give us a brief glance at the pattern.

That's likely naive.  But what we've seen to this point is beautiful.

While we were ugly crying, Ronnie and I came to the realization that change, the most difficult thing we'll ever do, can be the very thing that allows us the opportunity to see the pattern.  And sometimes, all the events that led to that change give us the very same opportunity.

Not so long ago, I posted that I believed this is a season of change for us.  I dreaded it and anticipated it at the same time.

And now?

Now, I'm embracing it.  And not because I'm some amazingly accepting human being, either.  I'm embracing it because I don't have any other option.

But also because the wind is blowing a different direction these days, and I've learned to appreciate the breeze when it comes.

Oh, and the church thing?  We visited one on Sunday we actually liked.  It felt like family.  We'd like to try one more before we make any final decisions.

Until then, I'm keeping the proverbial windows open and enjoying the crisp air.

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