Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Homecoming Week: Tuesday

I'm not sure when it became a tradition to come up with all sorts of weird dress up days for homecoming week, but I LOVES it!  Seriously.  I can't even explain to you the childhood joy I get at the prospect of wearing non-matched clothing and theme outfits.

It's not weird.

Today was a day for non matched clothing.

This is yours truly with her extremely inspiring get up.

Now, you will be especially interested to know that our respective classes get points based on participation during these days.  As a Junior Class Head Dean, I have a deep need to win the spirit cup.  Unfortunately, we were in last place as of this morning.

Yet there was a light on the horizon.

I WON the faculty vote for best dressed!!!

Thought you might appreciate a breakdown of the award-winning outfit.

You start with two very different shoes (my hips are now completely out of alignment, but totally worth it).

Add a business skirt, an odd colored tshirt from a few years ago, a bright colored cardigan, a scarf, a couple necklaces and some bracelets...

Scrunch part of your hair and put the other half in a braid, top it off with a crown...

And, of course, don't forget to focus on your make-up.  That might just be the winning touch.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's offering:  decades.  The faculty has the 50s.  My mother-in-law managed to get me a skirt that's shaped like a poodle skirt, so here's hoping it'll pass :)

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