Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I Hope You Laugh

I'm jealous of bloggers who have something worthwhile to say every single day.  My life just isn't as exciting (see the title of the blog if you don't believe me).  Funny things do happen to me on a regular basis, but, with this medium, it's difficult to relay the hilarity of the event.  Take for instance a conversation I had with a freshman student yesterday:

Student:  *Looks nervous*  Who are those men standing in your door?

Note:  The state fire marshal was paying us a visit.

Me:  *Smiling*  I don't know.  Did you do something bad?

Student:  *Confused*  Maybe.  Do you think they're here to get me?

Me:  *Really amused at this point*  You know, it's a possibility.  They might just take you out of my classroom.

Student:  *Stares at the men and assesses the situation.  Finally shakes his head*  Nah.  I think I could outrun them.  I'm fast.  I'm a ninja.

Me:  A ninja?

Student:  Yeah.  I'm fast like a ninja.

And there you have regular occurrences in my classroom.

I'm sure I'll have equally hilarious stories to tell about the speech team, and there have been a few funny bits about the house...including Favorite running after an imaginary intruder (outside) wearing only a pair of flip flops.  True story.

But I'll never be sure if you find these stories funny.  Personally, I think part of the funny is in the telling.  So I desperately wish we could all sit in a circle and share our collective stories.

Until that can happen, I'll just go back to baking my apple pie.

Yes, I really am baking a pie.


I cannot, however, sew--which might've been a topic of conversation in the teacher's lounge today.  The Home Ec teacher was really amused with my solution to the non-sewing problem:  I staple.  Not only do I get a great hemline, but some bling as well.

Win-Win, people.

And that's all for today.  May your tomorrow be as ordinary as mine.

And may you laugh for a million different reasons.


Ms. Mathemagician said...

Bring that pie to the lounge Missy!

Sarah Wellmeier Photography said...

I want to come for pie when you get your house done;)