Saturday, September 11, 2010

Saturday Morning Breakfast (and house updates)

Saturday morning breakfast.  I have no idea what images those words create in your mind, readers.  I have no idea if you think I'm crazy for mentioning them because you don't get up early enough to eat anything but lunch.  I don't know if you have breakfast every morning with your family so Saturday isn't anything special.

But in my family, Saturday Morning Breakfast has become a bit of a legend.

From the earliest Saturday I can recall, my family always headed to my Mawmaw and Papa's house for breakfast.  It wasn't just me, my two brothers and my parents.  It was all of my cousins, my aunts and uncles, my second cousins and whatever tag-along was lucky enough to warrant an invite.

My grandparents would get up and fix biscuits and gravy, bacon, fried eggs, sausage, grape juice, orange juice and coffee.  I have no idea how much they fixed, because my grade school eyes just couldn't fathom that much, but I do know that my dad is only one of six.  He is the youngest.  So by the time I was born, I had cousins who had kids who were older than me.  I hope that gives you an accurate picture.  There were a LOT of people eating.

Because I don't see Favorite during the week (we work opposite schedules), we've started going out for Saturday morning breakfast.  This morning I had some awesome biscuits and gravy (that I shouldn't have eaten).  But no matter how great they are, they are never as good as my Gramma's.  And every time someone serves up a plate, I can't help but remember Saturday Morning Breakfast and how very much I miss her.


On a lighter note, the house is coming along.

We got garage doors.  The guy showed up at 6 am to install them, and when I left for work at 7 am, they were in and ready to go.  Favorite is just excited to play with the garage door openers.

Speaking of Favorite, he has finished all of the "small" plumbing jobs today so that means we are moving on to bigger and better.  Looks like I'll start staining next week, and then we are looking at insulation.  I thought this house project would go really slowly, but it really seems to be moving at this point.

My dad showed up to help favorite put up all the OSB in the garage, and while it doesn't look like a difficult job, it's pretty time consuming and strenuous.  We're more than thankful to have good help.  Without Chris' dad, my dad and Chris' cousin to this point, we would've had to change the move-in date.

The cabinet guy is coming at the end of the month, and I need to get to pickin' some flooring.  Good thing this girl generally knows what she likes :)


Fall weather is well on its way I just need someone to remind me that I can't spend hundreds of dollars on new, cute sweaters from L.L.Bean because I have a house to pay for.  Ha!


Sheena said...

Which is sad because they ARE super cute!

Sarah Wellmeier Photography said...

I'll be real honest...there isn't much I miss about Anna....but Saturday morning breakfast and Thanksgiving...Man, I sure do miss those days of being able to see all my family!