Thursday, September 30, 2010

Homecoming Week: Thursday

 The homecoming theme at home, sweet high school this year is "Rocky:  Knock Out the Hornets."  That particular theme may not sound so interesting, but each class has its own interpretation--which is cool.

Today was class color day.  For us, class colors are the same every year and each student dresses according to his/her year.  Freshmen wear green.  Sophomores wear yellow.  Juniors generally wear red, but this year opted for orange and the Seniors wear black.

Here's the Junior shirt:

This is the front.  We had to explain to a couple of kids what "Hey, Adrian" meant, but I thought the Sly Stallone likeness was pretty decent, no?

This is the back of the shirt, and, in case you can't tell, those figures are Rock 'Em, Sock 'Em Robots.  We will have the same figures on our float, and the same figures made an appearance in our poster. 

Here's an awesome class of Juniors who are dressed in order to make their class proud.  As of this morning, they were in the lead with 80 pts.  The closest class was the sophomores--60 pts.  We'll see where we stand as of tomorrow morning.

And I couldn't help but give you a brief glimpse at my first hour class of sophomores because they were all dressed to the nines this morning.  I'll also readily admit that yellow is my favorite color--so this was a sea of happiness this morning :)

Tomorrow, we'll face off in class competitions.  That will be followed by the parade (where our float will be judged) and then the game where we will *hopefully* knock out the hornets!

PS.  Tomorrow is Kate's birthday (not just homecoming).  Stop over at her blog and wish her a happy day.

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