Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Little Conversation

Since my husband works evenings, I generally come home to two little dogs who still haven't managed to learn English.  Tonight, I figured I would just have a conversation with myself.  Feel free to listen in.

Why haven't I posted a glorious picture of my new, red, front door?

We're supposed to be getting hardware sometime in the next two weeks, and I'd really prefer you see the finished product.  I know I generally post the "in progress" pictures, but this is going to be so much better if you let me wait for the hardware.  As soon as that happens, I swear you will have pictures.  Until then, go to your local Chevy dealership and look at any bright red car.  If the color is Victory Red, you've seen the color of my front door.

How did your day go today?

It was pretty good.  Those power point presentations went over a lot better than I anticipated, and the students really seemed to follow the information fairly easily.  Tomorrow they get to put that information into practice, so we'll see how effective it really was.

I got our first prom catalogs in my school mailbox today.  I've already been scouring them for the crown the junior class will purchase for me.  I NEED a crown.  Need.  Desperately.  But no cheapie, $10 number.  I need one of the completely round Miss America deals.  With yellow diamonds.  To match my sparkling personality.  Did I mention the junior class will be purchasing it?

Anyway, those prom catalogs also have a series of props you can buy to decorate.  Those props are generally named according to a specific theme.  What I found disturbing?  One theme was "Your lucky night."  Maybe I shouldn't have jumped to this automatic conclusion, but when it's common occurrence for me to pass a girl who is 8 months pregnant in the hallway, I get a little antsy about naming a prom "Your lucky night."  Add to that the fact that the next theme in the book was "Afterglow."  I think someone in the marketing department of that company might have dropped the ball.

Thankfully, the class officers have made some decisions regarding homecoming.  Since they've been so responsible, Morgan and I haven't really had to worry too much.  Wait til you see their idea for the float and the homecoming shirt.


Oh.  No, I'm not telling what it is.  We have to keep things under wraps from the wily sophomores who have already started working on their float (and homecoming is 3 weeks away!).

Did you schedule your first speech team meeting?

Ha.  No.  But I've been practically mauled by students who want to join.  You'd think this would excite me, but I'm terrified.  I have a hard time finding material, and I don't know that I'm going to be able to find enough material for this many students.  I hope they are as capable as my class officers are, because if not, it's going to be a rough season.  But that fear aside, I'm kinda excited at the prospect of having an actual team (as opposed to two students and myself).  I'd be so much more excited if they had a coach who knew what she was doing.

So I guess that wraps up my "me time" for the day.  Keep praying for me.  I know everyone struggles, but I've been having a particularly hard time lately.  It wouldn't hurt my feelings to know that I'm not crazy or that occasional bouts of tears are normal.  I am, after all, a girl.

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ktjane said...

You are not crazy. Tears are totally normal. I'm your prayer partner this week, so you should feel smothered in prayer! Love you bunches, friend. (And I actually like the style of a self-interview.)

Sidenote: I might have some resources for speech team for you too. I'll bring them home with me this weekend and you can look them over.