Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thank God

Thank God for...

1.  Veteran teachers who can make suggestions when you are at your wit's end.  An English teacher from my high school days suggested I try modeling a concept in class instead of talking about it abstractly.  So I found a new article, and formulated the questions for the students.  So far, IT WORKED!  And I'm breathing a sigh of relief.

2.  Good friends who text you to try and determine whether or not you are ok after reading blog entries. 

3.  Husbands who work their rear ends off in order to make a house livable by the set move-in date.

4.  Fathers who volunteer to help husbands make a house livable by the set move-in date.

5.  Random opportunities to share my belief system in the classroom without actually "preaching" (since I can't do things like that).  Here's to Puritans and their belief system, because, as I tell my class, you can't understand the decision process until you get the belief system under which it was made.

6.  Students who share their beliefs openly and honestly after a conversation in English class opens the door.

7.  The atonement of Jesus' blood.  And I got to mention it (verbatim) in class today.

8.  Fun blogs written by people I love.  Namely (so you can check them out):  Kate, Sarah, Morgan and Sheena.

9.  Fun blogs written by people I don't really know, but am positive I would love just because of their material.  Namely (so you can check them out):  Blogush (an amazing teacher), Kelly, and Shauna.  (There are a few more, but we'll limit the list for now).

10.  The chances and opportunities I still have...even though I often complain about the circumstances I feel I'm stuck in.

Basically, thank God that He is.

And thank God He gave me enough grace to realize it.

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ktjane said...

We were talking about the Great Awakening and I got to do the same thing yesterday. I love when history gives me a door to (subtly) talk about God.