Monday, October 25, 2010

Decompress and Laugh and Write

I am a dweller.

I dwell on things I need to fix.  I dwell on lesson plans that are good but could be better.  I dwell on relationships that aren't going the way they should be going, and work situations that really shouldn't require my time.

It doesn't take long before I need to decompress, but I'm not as good at that as I am at dwelling on the problems at hand.  If you know a great way to decompress, share.  Until then, I'll tell you that my chock-full weekend was actually completely enjoyable--mostly due to Favorite.

He's such a relaxed person, and he makes me enjoy company.  Since we moved Lil' Bro this weekend, I was also reminded how often I laugh with my family.  And it's great to laugh--even if you laugh until you cry or get the hiccups.

Anyway, I thought I'd offer you a little decompression the way I saw it this weekend:

At first, he thought he'd act sad that I was making him try on hats.

Then, he realized how much fun we were going to have and got excited :)

Then he got downright giddy.

But why just try on hats when you can try on hand warmers...

Or maybe even a fur vest.  Doesn't he look like Dog the Bounty Hunter?  (You should know he almost couldn't get out of this vest after he got it on...)

Hope you enjoyed the reason I laughed the entire weekend.


Now, for something that may require your help.

On our way home from moving Lil Bro, Favorite and I encountered a first.  See below.

This is a pair of pants WITH a belt still in the belt loops.  They were laying the middle of the road on the way home from my mom and dad's house.  Your job?  Come up with an interesting (and clean!  It's a public blog!) story that might account for a pair of pants in the middle of the road, and I'll come up with a fun prize for the winner.  I am an English teacher, so  make sure your story makes sense and is well-written.

I look forward to your'll give me some fun decompression :)

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Ms. Mathemagician said...

Pants on the ground, pants on the ground. Looking like a fool with your pants on the ground.