Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Worth of Education

As mentioned earlier this week, I've really been trying to figure out how to make students aware of the intrinsic value of education.  Today, I realized we're starting at the wrong place.  High school is just too late.

Why did I realize this?  Well, dear readers, my niece, SugarBean, is four years old and in Pre-K.

Currently, we refer to Pre-K as "Fight Club."  Most of you are probably conjuring images of toddlers biting one another and throwing classmates to the ground for the last cookie.  You would, however, be imagining the scenario all wrong.

We call Pre-K "Fight Club" because she won't talk about it--won't even answer questions about it.  And since the first rule of Fight Club is "You don't talk about Fight Club" it totally goes without saying that the first rule in Pre-K must be "You don't talk about Pre-K."

Today, however, she got a little more verbal.

Favorite:  What did you learn at school today?

Sugarbean:  NUFFIN'!

Favorite:  Nothing?  You just sat around all day and stared at the wall?

Sugarbean:  Yep.  Aww (all) they tew (tell) us is to sit an' wait for your pawents (parents) to get hewah (here).

Me:  They tell you to wait for your pants to grow hair?

Mother-in-Law:  HAHAHA.  No...for their PARENTS to get THERE.

Me:  Good.  Because I didn't know how long it took pants to grow hair, but I figured it was a long time.

Sugarbean:  I pway (play).  The ufer (other) kids just watch.

So there you have it.  Education can't be worth much if all "they" tell you is to wait for your parents to get there...and then only one kid gets to play.

Which stands to reason why the first rule of Pre-K is that you DON'T TALK ABOUT PRE-K.

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