Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fast Livin'

When I quit facebook, I had hoped that the blogosphere would offer a sort of communication without all the distraction facebook has to offer.  I would post my thoughts and feelings about various subjects, and then you would comment and we would have a conversation (of sorts) about said subjects.

Unfortunately, comments aren't always forthcoming.  Do I blame you?  Not really.  I read a ton of things on a regular basis and don't always feel the need to comment.  Part of the game, right?

Yet that part of the game often leaves me staring at the screen, stumped for material.  I don't have a funny story to tell and, thanks to my forthright comments, no one has asked me if I'm pregnant this week.  I don't have any fun student stories, and there are no pictures of the house to share because we are still in the process of finishing drywall.  Nothing exciting has happened, folks, but I maintain that particular sentiment is consistent with the title of the blog.  No shock, right?

The most exciting thing that happened in the last few days?  Lowe's discounted the flooring we're going to buy, and I got a new purse:
Like Vera or not, you have to admit that particular accessory is adorable.

My uneventful life will continue this weekend as I pay bills, eat out, attempt to clean my house (or look like I'm doing so) and make an honest effort to pick out paint colors that aren't going to make me gag as soon as the house is finished.

I might even read a book or two.

I know.  I should slow down.  Too much fast livin' isn't good for anyone.

Advice/comments welcome.

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ktjane said...

Still love the purse. Just need one for myself now...