Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekend UPdate

I'm so sorry I haven't updated in the last few days.  It's been hectic around my house.

Emphasis on HOUSE.

Favorite and his crack team of a family friend, Uncle J, Gloria, my dad, my mom and the FIL managed to get ALL the drywall up and clean the general area so the finisher can come in tonight.  Of course, getting the drywall up alerted us to a couple of potential problems we needed to address right away.

1.  There really wasn't enough light in my kitchen.  Fun and decorative fix?  Beautiful track lighting.  And it's going to look symmetrical...which is an added bonus.

2.  Fave forgot the outlets in my bathroom.  Since I've been living without outlets in my bathroom for the last 7 1/2 years, I suggested he might want to rectify that problem.  Thankfully, he was already on it before I asked.  Who could ask for a better man.

Saturday was the last day for drywall, so Fave and I planned to make a trip to Lowe's.  We had a little detour before we could take off, though.

A couple from our church was celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary.  FIFTY YEARS TOGETHER!  Isn't that amazing?  I thought it was wonderful.

I spent the rest of the weekend in a mad grading frenzy trying to catch up on everything from the past few weeks.  I've started wondering:  am I assigning too much work if I'm having trouble keeping up with the grading?  Or maybe I'm assigning papers for English I, II and III all at the same time and that's making things more complicated for me.

Ugh.  Either way, I'm almost caught up.

Parent/Teacher conferences this week.  Go team.


And that, ladies and gentlemen concludes my wrap up from the weekend.  It's going to be a busy weekend this week, too.  Lil Bro is moving (sad face...but happy for his new job), Fave and I have to pick out flooring, and it will be a bit of traveling.

Stay tuned for the updates.

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