Saturday, October 2, 2010

Homecoming Week: Friday

Unfortunately, we lost the game.  I think it's fair to say that the kids we were playing against were just bigger and faster.  Despite that fact, it's hard to lose--particularly when we were 5-0 going in to the game.

The Juniors also lost the float competition.  I won't share my feelings on that front because this is a public blog, but I will post pictures of our awesome float later.  And trust me, it was amazing.

I want to do a couple of shout-outs for this week worth of homecoming adventures:

To Jason who obviously spent a lot of time making sure we could "pop" the robot's head--we appreciate your effort.  I owe you your drink of choice.

To Morgan who is the best co-dean anyone could ask for.  It's good that you're more laid back than I am, and it's even better that you are as competitive as I am.  It's nice to know that I don't have to carry things by myself and that you are not only dependable, but proactive when it comes to activities.

To the juniors who stepped up to work the concession stand:  Thank you.  Prom doesn't go on without this effort, and I appreciate that you listen to the pleas of a slightly deranged English teacher.

To the football team, cheerleaders, student council, homecoming court and anyone else who makes homecoming something to be remembered:  I appreciate your school spirit and your tenacity.  Without you, there would be no reason for class competitions, float contests, points and the spirit cup.  And I do love all of those things.  But mostly, without you, we would be missing that sense of community that homecoming seems to bring.

I told Chris that I really love football games because I feel safe there.  I'm sure that sounds stupid, but I like that everyone seems to come together for a common cause.  I wish it happened more often.

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