Sunday, October 10, 2010

Not To Shop

I no longer need to visit or because I'm really going to want new couches as soon as the house is done.  Well, new couches and a new bedroom suite.  Actually, just a new bed and side tables.  And maybe an armchair and a reading lamp.  But definitely new couches...which means that spending $300 on clothes from either of these sites is out of the question.

Besides, my stomach is not as flat as it probably should be (suggestions here?) so some of these outfits wouldn't look nearly as cute on me as they would on someone who mimics a washboard.

But that's not nearly as much of a turn off as realizing that I'm gonna want those couches.  A lot.

I mean, spending $50 wouldn't really be a problem.  And it's always nice to have dress cothes to wear to work (because I'm all about the professional look when I can get it to fit my perfectly round body).  But I'm pretty sure I won't be able to stop at $50.  That's right, Crystal.  Steer clear.

Instead, check your email and then go read a book.  Work on lesson plans.  Download more information from  Freak out over your evaluation.

But stop looking at super cute sweaters.

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